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(Originally Posted on on 11/08/06)

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Rick Santorum (R - PA) and his family are pissed off that people vote.

My GOD that election ruled! You conservative fuckers didn't just lose, you got your asses kicked, stomped, pounded, trashed, fucked up beyond all recognition! Let's just take a look at the numbers:








Well shit, I guess you can't a bigger asswhippin' than that huh? Goddamn I love this; For SIX YEARS I've had to listen to people calling me names, calling me a pussy, calling me a traitor, because I am able to see though the bullshit this cadre of former oligarchs feed the public and I had the audacity to tell people so on my little website. Now it seems I'm in the majority, hmmmm.... well you know what? This is a democracy, and in a fucking democracy THE MAJORITY RULES!

And it's about fucking time I might add. All of the leftist loonies like me are sitting around today patting themselves on the back for a job well done (and they deserve it,) but may I ask where the fuck have you people have been all this time? We've had two other opportunities to pull this coup in the 2002 and 2004 elections, did you people just decide to sit those elections out? Or could it be that you all had to wait until shit got so ridiculously bad that you couldn't take it anymore?

I have no illusions about this victory; I know that the Democrats didn't win this election, the Republicans lost. This election is about throwing the scandal ridden-thieves out of power and for the most part the new thieves that have taken their place don't have that much better of a track record. It's just sickening to see that it takes things to get as bad as they are before people finally turn off American Idol long enough to notice. I mean come on people! We've got two hopeless wars going on that are sucking away our Gross National Product while at the same time hospitals are closing all over the country. We've got a planet turning into a radioactive waste dump under our feet, the fucking oceans are dying, you won't be able to eat any fish in forty years because there fucking won't be any, the goddamn hole in the ozone layer is the size of the United States for crying out loud, the fucking icecaps are melting so fast that various countries are fighting over shipping lanes in the Arctic, we have countries in the Middle East scrambling to build nuclear bombs in part to defend themselves from US, yet at the same time we're supposed to be fighting international terrorism by invading the one secular Middle Eastern country that actually suppressed such terrorism, our fucking Bill Of Rights is in the goddamn toilet.. all of this has been going on for years, and just now people are starting to realize it. Well better late then never I suppose. Let this be a lesson to you America, shit does not just go away when you turn the channel. At least now there's hope for the first time in six years, hope that this Neoconservative nightmare can finally come to an end and we can start putting the country and the world back together again.

Of course all of my conservative wack-job comedy generators out there in internet land don't think so. Shit, the Fox News website doesn't even have the national totals up on their site, as if by hiding this information they can prevent the shitcanning of their heroes. The mood around the various conservative boards I frequent to taunt people is of general defeat, denial, and rage. More than once I've heard "Get ready for the next terrorist attack," like somehow just electing a Democrat is going to cause a bomb to spontaneously generate in the White House.

Fucking crybabies.

I could take it easy on you all, be a "Fair winner," but FUCK THAT. For six years I've had to listen to you conservative assholes lie to yourselves and push your bullshit down my throat. No longer, it's payback time.

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Sucks living in a democracy, huh?

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