Thursday, December 21, 2017

No, SJWs aren't "ruining" Starwars, you fucking idiots.

I'm getting sick and tired of these pansy ass alt-right snowflakes bitching and moaning and getting their panties up in a bunch over "white genocide" because black people and women are allowed to have speaking parts in movies nowadays. Like having a black character that isn't stereotype or a leading woman in a movie about swordfighting space wizards is equivalent to gassing people in concentration camps.
"Oh Starwars is being destroyed by the SJWs! Oh the faggots and the liberal elite and people who eat kale and shit are engaging in a cultural marxist plot to shove feminism down our throats and make us all gay!" Get the fuck out of my face with this bullshit. These people believe the stupidest fucking shit, it's goddamned ridiculous. When I heard this I almost broke my nose because my hand just flew up into my face I was facepalming so hard. The main fucking character in Starwars is still white. Why is that a problem? Oh wait, it has to be a WHITE MAN. A white woman isn't good enough, any woman in any move who isn't just a pair of tits in a slave outfit for these miserable fucking cretins to spank to automatically means the movie has been taken over by rabid man-hating feminists. Watch out guys before they false rape accuse you!
This movie also commits the crimes of a black character who isn't a gangster, thug, or drug dealer, having a latino in a position of authority, and an Asian woman who isn't eye candy and is also not a ninja, mystic, and who doesn't "love you long time." How dare a movie have characters that actually have motivations, feelings, and story arcs and who also not white. HOW FUCKING DARE THEY! Don't you know only white people in movies are allowed to have backstories? Don't you know only white people in movies are allowed to develop, and have conflict? Anything more than that is COMMUNISM!

"But Mark," you alt-right pieces of shit might be saying, "How come the bad guys in this movie are all white males, huh? Explain that shit." Well have the seen the original trilogy? The Empire is all white men in those movies too, you know why? Because they're symbolic of the fucking Nazis. That's right you backwards-ass frog posting trailer living fucks - the bad guys in Star Wars are Nazis. They were always racist, goosestepping fascist nazis. Notice how only the rebels have aliens and robots and shit on their side?

What about the rebels? Luke Skywalker isn't the leader of the Rebellion, Princess Leia is. In the first movie Han is a scumbag mercenary who only helps out for the money. In Return of the Jedi Princess Leia is rescuing him. Han is the damsel in distress in that movie. Yeah Luke gets to blow up the death star, but you know who else gets to blow up the death star? A BLACK MAN. And in Jedi while Liea is off playing with Ewoks and shit,  the leader of the Rebellion is still a woman.

If you think that somehow Starwars is "ruined" now because characters that aren't white are allowed to grow and develop and have backstories and motivations and conflicts and shit, then fuck you. If you think that a movie which has homosexual robots, little green Buddhist space wizards, and walking carpet people is the forefront of some wacky Marxist communist conspiracy to chop off your balls  and send your children to concentration camps, then fuck you. If you think that a movie with spaceships and planets blowing up where people move shit with their minds and who's main reason to exist is to sell merchandise is somehow contributing to the elimination of your racial demographic because it has a slightly overweight Asian chick in it, then fuck you.

Actually, just fuck all your alt-right pansies in general. May the force fuck you, right up your stupid fucking ass.