Monday, August 26, 2013

The New Racists - Why I Hate the World Ep. 90

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Hate Windows 8

There is nothing in this world
more that I hate
than when I'm forced to use
Windows fucking 8.

It's so flashy and pretentious
It makes me wish I was dead,
I hate it so much,
I want to shoot it in the head.

What's with the stupid apps?
They make me fucking groan
This is a computer, you assholes,
not a fucking Iphone.

Why does it take twenty steps
to do something that it used to take one?
And why for the love of god,
is the start menu gone?

Why do I have to use fucking hotkeys
and right click to switch the apps on and off,
when before it was so much easier
to put the little "X" at the top?

What the fuck is "Xbox video?"
This is driving me berserk!
It plays videos all choppy,
Why doesn't it fucking work?

The stupid rainbow colored start page,
makes my eyes want to bleed,
Why does it take twenty minutes,
to find the program that I need?

When it needs to restart to install updates,
It's such a fucking hassle,
I have to stop doing my work,
Because there is no way to cancel

The UI sucks ass,
The user experience, irate,
Fuck you, Microsoft,
and Fuck Windows fucking 8.