Thursday, December 9, 2010

People That Piss Me Off part 1: Conservatives

Longtime readers of this blog may have figured out by now that I'm about as liberal as one can get, so it makes sense that the conservatives would piss me off a bit, being my arch enemies and all. The thing is they don't piss me off because of anything they say they believe or stand for. What pisses me off is that conservatives tend to be hypocritical purposely uninformed dipshits who do not hold their own leaders accountable and blame everything on Liberals.

Conservatives love to talk about the issues - fiscal responsibility, family values, a strong military, low taxes, small government, and so on. The problem is they only people they insist uphold these issues are Liberals. They use these issues as a club to yell at the opposing side, but when the people they themselves vote for get into power and do the exact fucking opposite of what the conservative stance is they lie to themselves and pretend it's not happening. When Bush was elected we had a 500 billion dollar surplus. One gigantic tax cut and two unfunded wars later the deficit is now 1.3 trillion dollars and rising. The national debt went from 5.6 trillion to 9.9 trillion dollars during his tenure. Yet while all this was going on the conservatives didn't say a goddamned thing. But when a Democrat gets into office suddenly the conservatives remember they're supposed to be "fiscally responsible." Now they won't pass anything that adds to the deficit. Like Dick Cheney says, "Deficits do not matter" - unless you're not a conservative.

Yet when we're talking about deficits, the conservatives in congress refuse to extend the tax cuts for 98% of us without also extending it for the rich 2% of Americans, even though this will add 700 billion dollars to the debt. They are not doing this because it's good for the country, they are doing it because they want Obama to fail. Do you think the conservative voters out there give a shit that their party is screwing the middle class and doing the exact fucking opposite of what it stands for? Hell no. Why? Because they are fucking hypocrites.

What about this health care bullshit over this past summer? You conservative assholes were out screaming and yelling because it'll "cost too much?" Where were you hypocritical fucks with your dumbshit signs when Bush's trillion dollar medicare rip-off was passed at three in the morning?

Conservatives talk a lot of crap about "values," but in real life these idiotic flailing buckets of rodent assholes do not give a shit about upholding said values and routinely turn a blind eye when their leaders go against such values. When was the last time Fox news or Rush Limbaugh called for the impeachment of a conservative Republican? Do they ever even say anything negative about any of them whatsoever? Speaking of Limbaugh, conservatives are always bitching and moaning about drug use and voting down legalization or imposing draconian prison sentences, yet when that fat piece of shit got busted with oxycontin none of the conservatives said a damn thing. Why? Because he is one of them, that's why, and they do not hold themselves to the same dumbfuck standard they impose on everyone else.

You might hear them give the occasional slight to someone like Ron Paul - because the man actually has integrity. But anyone else? They'll support anyone as long as they fit the tax-cuts-for-the-rich agenda, no matter who they are or how idiotic batshit crazy insane they are. These motherfuckers voted for Sarah Palin - not because she was smarter, not because she was more qualified, or stood for family values, all of which it's been demonstrated again and again she didn't. They voted for her because they'd rather put a clueless idiot in charge of the most powerful and important nation on Earth rather than someone with a "D" in front of their name. What about Christine O'Donnell? How many of you conservative dumbasses out there voted for that train wreak, even though she was clearly the inferior choice? Michelle Bachman? How many batshit insane things does this woman have to say before people stop voting for her? Tea-party candidate Rick Scott got busted in 1997 for defrauding Medicare - guilty, fined, the whole deal - but the fiscal conservatives REWARDED him by electing him Governor of Florida. Those ASSHOLES ELECTED A FUCKING CRIMINAL! Why? Because he's ONE OF THEM! And conservatives give other conservatives a free fucking pass on criminal records, because they are brainwashed hypocritical dumbasses that do not hold each other accountable and never, ever, ever, ever, ever take responsibility for anything.

That's what it's all about with these fucking yahoos - not what's best for the country, not what needs to be done, but "US" vs. "THEM." And "US" to these people is anyone who has an "R" in front of their name no matter how crazy, idiotic, backward, racist, ignorant, or downright criminal that person is. Conservatives have shown over and over and over that they do not think for themselves. They are incapable of forming their own opinions about anything and they repeatedly vote against their own interests over and over and over again. The rest of us cannot afford to let these children ruin the country any longer.

Dear conservatives: It is time to put your idiotic, misguided hatred aside for five fucking seconds and DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE COUNTRY.