Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Matt Gaetz is a Republican house rep from Florida, and is one of the grossest, sleaziest, backstabbing two-faced snake oil salesmen to ever slime his way into Congress. He's the kind of guy who would smile right in your face as he kicked your mother off a cliff for a donut. He is the epitome of everything that's wrong with the Republican party. I will never vote Republican, ever, as long as I live, because of guys like him. He's ruined the brand for me. 

Anyway, he went on TV and said a bunch of stupid shit on The View, so I made some comments on it.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Politics and Artstream #1 & 2 - Impeachment aftermath

So I'm an artist, and I figure it would be cool to draw while I talk so that people have something to see besides my giant head taking up the whole stream. So I decided to draw a goblin with a Trump hat while I'm talking about the impeachment aftermath. It's broken up into two parts, because OBS studio crashed halfway through.

 Part I:
Part II:

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Why I Am Voting Blue No Matter Who

The left in the United States is very divided. While it's great because that gives us (what I think) is a larger diversity of opinion, it also leads us vulnerable to being divided, which is something the conservatives often take advantage of. 

So I would like all of you out there who are supporters of the more progressive candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, that if your candidate doesn't make it, to please consider holding your nose and voting for the eventual Democratic nominee for president, no matter who it is. The decisions that the president makes affect millions of people across the entire nation, I believe it's not morally right to allow such bad leadership to continue. 

Friday, January 17, 2020

The Iran Debacle: Trump is a Goddamned Idiot

So I know some of you who follow me are probably conservatives or Republicans, and no doubt a few of you are probably Trump supporters. Please remember that this is not a knock on any of you - We can all be cool with each other. We are all Americans, good or bad, right or wrong. We all just want to be safe and live our lives to the fullest. But please, I hope even you guys can see that what's happening here is not right. This man is using the power of his office for his own ends. If he starts a war he or none of his family will be affected, but ours certainly will.

Our president has brought us to the edge of World War III because he's an incompetent idiot who's been allowed to continuously fail upwards simply because of the fact that he's rich, and now that he's being held accountable for something for the first time in his life at the age of fucking 73, instead of actually facing the fucking music instead he decides to play games with everybody else's lives. It's fucking embarrassing.

It's not supposed to be like this. Please remember that when you got to vote this November.