Sunday, January 31, 2010

Episode 12: Retort to Racists II

A response to some of the less trollish questions and comments I've been getting lately:

1) All people are racists, just those who aren't blatant are "in the closet" about it. - This is like a defense mechanism that otherwise decent people with mildly racist tendencies tell themselves to not feel bad. Truth is it's bullshit, you cannot assume that everyone has the same outdated 18th century ideas about race and entitlement that you do.

2) Affirmative action programs are inherently racist, and that makes me a racist for supporting them. - The problem here is that disparities drawn along racial lines do exist in our society, it's naive to think they don't. Using college admittance as an example, rich people with bad grades seem to have no problem getting into prestigious schools without much of a problem, while poor people with great grades do not. Affirmative action type programs may not be the best solution, but until we come up with a better way to even the playing field it's all we have.

3) All races are different, and thus should not be treated equally. - Thus the logic goes that some races of people are inherently superior to others, and this can be measured in some cases, such as in IQ levels. I do agree that all races are different, in the same way that people within the same race are different. People are not born equally. Some are naturally smarter, stronger, more creative, etc. Thus not only does one find wildly differing IQs depending on race, you'll also find differing IQs from people within the same race. You'll even find a large gap in IQs from people in the same family. How much someones IQ is determined by genetics as opposed to other factors (such as culture, wealth, economic stability of one's country, etc) cannot effectively be measured. I hear this kind of shit a lot from Neo Nazi types alot, which is funny because these same studies they quote that always seem to show them to be so much smarter than Black people also shows Eastern European Jews to have the highest average IQs of all. Thus by their own bullshit assumptions Jews are a superior race to themselves.

It's also interesting to see how these Nazi types try to explain away this finding. I won't link to anything here but do a few googles if you're looking for some lulz

4) Final point - I'm just gonna block and remove people who troll me. If you comment on the content of my videos that is fine. I'll even debate people. You do not even have to be a nice guy about it, I don't care about insults, bad language, calling my mother ugly, etc. But if you're just gonna troll me in some sad attempt to piss me off because you can't handle the fact that I wear and afro, then I'm just gonna block you.

Because fuck those people.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I hate the World ep 11: Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, and the Haitian Earthquake

In today's video blog I talk about these two right wing batshit jerkoffs and their appaling opionions after the Haitian Earthquake. How do these people sleep at night?

Friday, January 8, 2010

I Hate Itunes

God damn, I hate Itunes.

I hate it I hate it I hate it.

I hate it so much, I am going to write a poem about it.

Itunes, Itunes,
I fucking hate it
I hate it so much,
I'm going to beat it with a stick

I'm going to kick it in the nuts
and shoot it in the head
then run it over with an ice cream truck,
over and over and over again

It's such an overbloated,
slow-ass piece of shit,
and everyone who works for Apple,
can suck my fucking dick

Why's it take three hours,
To download and install?
Why's it then set it self as the default media player, even when I select "no,"
and hold my computer in it's thrall?

Why is it when I select "Paypal" as payment option,
What the fuck Steve Jobs?
Fix your shitty program you JERK!

Fuck Apple and it's shitty DRM format,
and fuck Steve Jobs,
and fuck all the stupid people,
with their stupid fucking Ipods,

The End