Friday, July 31, 2020

America is Falling Apart

Welcome to another politics and art stream. Subjects for tonight's show is the death of Garret Foster, Trump's secret police, the 2020 election, and the HEAL act (and how much it screws us all.) Also I continue drawing a hideous disgusting plague demon. That feels right somehow.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

WTF is Cancel Culture Anyway?

Hello folks. This video I'm examining cancel culture, and why everyone is losing their minds over it.

I'm attempting to have a nuanced opinion of it and what it's all about. There's a section where I talk about democratic politicians like Al Franken and John Conyers. Please be aware I'm not defending the actions of these people, but what I am doing is using them as a contrast to how Republican politicians with similar (or worse) sexual harassment scandals are treated. Specifically, I use them to illustrate how when it comes to politicians, Democrats are much more vulnerable to this type of "cancellation" than Republicans are.

The second half is about "Karen" videos, and cancellation can be abused (or backfire.)

Friday, June 26, 2020

CHUDS vs CHOP part 1 & 2 - Politics and Art Stream

 Part 1

Part 2

Hello folks. This week I'm talking about CHOP (Seattle's Capital Hill Organized Protest, formerly known as CHAZ) as there's a lot of misinformation going around about that and the shooting that occurred there (please be aware, not everything I say about CHOP is positive), as well as Proud Boy violence (as in they were the most likely perpetrators of said shootings,) the importance of the political process, and voting. We end with making fun of Trump's failed Tusla rally, and a plea for everyone to be politically active.

For some reason I must have triggered the Youtube bots as they kill the livestream (right when I start talking about Trump,) so that's why it's in two parts.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

People Who Still Piss Me Off: Libertarians - Response to Philosopossum

So years ago back in 2011, I made a video called "People who Piss me off:Libertarians." This seemingly has become one of my most viewed videos (which isn't really saying much.) Seems like libertarians will watch anything with the word "libertarian" in it, and a lot of them have opinions they are just dying to share.

Anyway, so about a year ago I was informed that these two guys with cartoon avatars made a response video to it (like nine years after it came out.) I contemplated making a response video, and even commented on their channel, but they didn't answer, so whatever. Usually I don't really go for this video-response-video form of debate, because the way I see it this is a free country, and people can think whatever they want about me or what I publish. You think I'm full of shit? Fine with me, as long as you're not taking things too far it's no skin off my back. 

Anyway, another guy name Philosopossum made his own response video (which was linked on first response video) and actually did invite me to respond. His video is filled with the standard libertarian responses to things, which means it was a piece of cake to debunk. Apparently he made another response but I haven't watched it yet, as this is only like part 1 of what will probably be a three or four part series, if I get around to it. 

So if you're not into these sort of debate things feel free to skip this one, but if you want to see a hour of me picking apart the standard libertarian arguments in regards to government regulations, taxes, militarism, and the like, then you'll enjoy this video.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Why do Conservatives and Libertarians always blame the victim? - The Ahmaud Arbery Case

Whenever we get a story in the news about a police shooting an unarmed black man, or of a black person who is murdered by a white person who is then not arrested, the right-wingers always come out of the woodwork to defend the perpetrators. They do this by victim blaming - coming up with every ridiculous reason to try and make the victim look like the aggressor.

So for the Ahmaud Arbery case, this is what happened: Ahmaud Arbery is spotted on some surveillance video looking around a construction site. He does not steal anything. This ex-cop who apparently had prior history with Arbery gets four other guys, and they go out and ambush him. The ex-cop and his son are armed with shotguns. They find him jogging down the street, surround him with their pickup trucks, and point their shotguns at him. A fight ensues, and Arbery ends up dead.

According to Georgia law one can do a citizens arrest if they either witness a crime, or have immediate knowledge that a crime has been committed. So you may say, well trespassing is a crime, correct? However that's not good enough, the crime has to be a felony. Since nothing was stolen, and the security video didn't show Arbery taking anything, then no felony was committed. Thus these four assholes had no legal right to peruse Arbery and attempt to arrest him. Please keep in mind these people were not cops, so Arbery is under no legal obligation to obey their instructions. 

Those are the facts of the case. Since this is a black person who was shot and killed by white people, then all the racists and white nationalists and 2nd amendment people and other assorted right wingers are coming out of the woodwork to blame the victim. This shit will keep happening, what you can do is keep the facts straight and argue for the truth. Don't fall for it, and push back. This guy wasn't the aggressor. He was murdered. He was the victim.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Fascist Takeover Amid Coronavirus

Hello folks! Since I got my channel back I figured I should do another artstream. Subjects include the pandemic (of course,) Trump's incredibly awful leadership, the Tea Party 2.0, the post office, progressive voters, Joe Biden, and the upcoming election. Also, I continue drawing a hideous lady demon.

 Hope everyone out there is staying inside, and staying healthy. I know a few of the states are starting to rescind the shelter in place orders, I encourage everyone in these states to please take what precautions you can - wear a mask, wash your hands, socially distance yourself, etc. I know it may not be possible for everyone, do the best you can. Just because our politicians aren't taking this pandemic seriously doesn't mean we can't.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

My Channel Suspended? What the Hell happened?

Hello everyone. So my channel got suspended! Like with no warning. Just woke up this morning, and it was gone.

Well... shit. I mean I think I have a pretty good idea of why (see video for details.) So of course I appealed the ban, but I really doubt they'll re-enable it. It's pretty much impossible to get someone on the phone. There's a customer service number that nobody answers. They only send you automated responses to emails. So it could end up being permanent/

Which of course sucks donkey balls, but maybe this might end up being a good thing. A chance to start over, and only upload the best of the best. To be honest a lot of the videos I did have up really weren't that good. Most of them were topical - so who's going to watch a video about stories that were current in the news five years ago? I also had a lot of game reviews, movie reviews, toy reviews, and other stuff that didn't really fit in with the channel anymore. So maybe it'll be better to clean all that old stuff out.

So I'll spend the rest of this week re-uploading those videos I deem to be worthy. Even if they do reenable the old channel I think I'll keep this one, and use it as the primary. Maybe one day I'll make a thing where if anyone wants to watch those old episodes we can put them on DVD or do a digital download thing, or something. Anyway, if you were subbed to my old channel, please come by and sub again.