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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

God damn I hate Apple

You know, Steve Jobs just recently died, and I know whenever an important person like him passes on everyone who used to talk shit suddenly likes to say what a great and important man he was, how he changed the world, blah blah blah blah blah, and so on. Well I don’t know much about Steve Jobs, I’m sure he was a nice person, but that doesn’t change the fact that everything Apple makes is a difficult to use slow-ass piece of shit.  I know that he personally didn't design and program every single product Apple has ever put out, but still, the Apple brand just sucks ass.

For example – the Ipad. I had to use one to test a website at work recently. Part of that entails opening up excel, Power Point, and PDF files which can be downloaded from the site. However the ability to open these types of files is not present innately with the Ipad, you have to buy an app for that, which is bullshit but whatever. They have to make money somehow.

Problem number one: Unlike every other pad/laptop/computer type thing in existence, with the Ipad one cannot just go to any website, see a compatible application you like, then download it. You have to go through the goddamned Itunes store in order to buy/download any apps for it. Some people may argue it’s because Apple wants to have control over what is installed on your Ipad for quality reasons, but that’s total horseshit. The real reason they force it this way is so they can make money off of every app you download.

Another thing many people don’t think about, is that if all 3rd party apps must be installed in this manner, then Apple has a record of what everyone has installed on their Ipads, correct? Normally I don’t really give a shit when companies keep these kinds of profiles on me (what are they gonna do, send me targeted advertisements that I’m just going to instantly ignore anyway?) but Apple is just really blatant behind it. Long story short, I don’t like the short leash they have on their customers when it comes to things you are and are not allowed to install on your Ipad/Ipod/Iphone that you paid for with your money. If I own it, then I should be able to fill it with porn and viruses and spyware if I feel like it. It's mine, I can do whatever the fuck I want with it.

So anyway, I open up the Itunes to search for an app, but since the Ipad is owned by my work, it’s not tied to anyone’s account, so I have to enter in my own personal account. That takes fifteen minutes of fanagaling around different menus trying to figure out where exactly I log in for it. After I finally figure that shit out I am now ready to browse through apps.

“Oh look!” I say to myself. “Here’s one that opens up everything I need!”

It’s $39.95.

“Fuck that shit.” I say.

After another half hour of flipping through apps, I find one that opens all of the exports I need for 99 cents. That’s more like it. Now All I need do is purchase and we’re on our way.

Problem Number two: The stupid fucking Itunes store doesn’t accept Paypal for some dumbass reason, credit card only. What the hell Apple? For a company that takes pride in being light-years ahead of the competition it doesn’t make a lot of sense to not have any on-line payment options beyond entering a credit card. Yes I had a credit card, that’s not the point. The point is it’s fucking retarded.

So anyway, I have logged on to Itunes, tied my account to the Ipad (which I hope is reversible, seeing how the pad belongs to my work and not me,) searched for, found, and paid for an app. All of this shit has taken an hour so far. Please keep in mind I’m at work doing all this. So now the app is finally installing. “This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes” I think.

Problem Number three: The piece of shit Ipad can't even install it's own apps correctly. Twenty minutes later, an error message pops up which says to the effect of “Your app has installed incorrectly. Please synch with itunes to complete installation.” What? After twenty minutes of waiting for the shit to download I have to synch it up and do it all over again? “Naw,” I said to myself. “That can’t be it. This has to be some kind of security thing, or something.” So I synch the Ipad up to my computer. Sure enough, something went wrong with the download, and I have to do it all over again.

Another twenty minutes of sitting on my ass waiting for this piece of shit to download ensues. During this time my boss asks how far along I am with the website testing. Thanks a lot Apple. After what seems like an eternity, the app finishes downloading and installing. Finally, and I am ready to test this stupid website.

I download a file to excel.

It doesn’t even fucking work.

Two hours have now passed since I began this little quest to simply download and install an app on this Ipad thing. On my PC, if I want to install something, all I have to do is go to the website where it’s available, download/or purchase the application (of which most of the time if it’s not free to begin with, you can pay with freakin’ paypal,) install the shit, and we’re good to go – ten, fifteen minutes max. For this piece of shit I had to tie my account to the stupid Ipad, search for an app that didn’t cost an arm and a leg, pay with a fucking credit card, wait twenty minutes for the shit to download, then when it fucks up wait another twenty minutes for it to download again, all to find out it doesn’t fucking work in the first place.

Why Apple, why? Why don’t you allow people to just install whatever they want on their Ipads? Why do you force people to use Itunes to install crap? Why don’t you give the option to use Paypal? Why does it fucking take so fucking long to fucking download and fucking install? Why is everything Apple makes such a slow-ass difficult-to-use buggy piece of shit?

God damn, I hate you Apple.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No one ever "Grows up"

There was a blog I stumbled upon once, where a woman who was a divorced, remarried, bi-polar mother of eight had written a post about how she was going to start limiting the time her ex-husband could spend with their children unless he started paying more money in child support. I saw this and left a comment, to the effect of "Why don't you discuss this with your ex-husband, instead of using your children as leverage?" I may or may not have called her "despicable," can't remember. I probably did because people who use children to manipulate others make me sick to my stomach. Anyway other people on the blog came to her defense of course, calling me an asshole and shit like that,  no surprise there. But the response I got from the lady herself on my own blog was this:

Came over to see what sort of asshole you were... but after coming over here, I see you are little more than a little boy who is too scared to grow up. Jeez...get an adult life already..

So what this woman is telling me, is that since I have several different websites where I post cartoons and artwork and shit, that this somehow makes me a "child," and since she's a divorced re-married unemployed mother of EIGHT CHILDREN who's contemplating using her children as bartering chips to extract more money from her ex-husband, that makes her an "adult."

Turns out this woman is a medicated bi-polar insane woman, here's her blog if anyone is interested:

This little mini-flamewar got me to thinking what "adult" actually means, and I've come to the conclusion that I'm a pretty good "adult" if I do say so myself. I'm employed, I have zero debt, I have no illegitimate children, have never been in prison, am not divorced, separated, or in any kind of bizarre love triangle, I've never been sued, I have no legal problems, I have no real enemies to speak of, have a decent amount of savings, I'm not an alcoholic or a drug addict, have my own place, my own car, and I owe nothing to anybody because I earned it all myself.

When someone says "Grow up." What exactly is this supposed to mean? What you're actually telling someone when you say this is "I think you are acting in a manner that is immature for your age." Well how exactly is this person acting "childish?" Are they selfish? Mean? Insulting? A total asshole? These don't sound like "childish" behaviors to me.  The truth is most people who are "grown up" are simply children in larger bodies. Most people out there, when faced with any kind of moral decision, will usually do whatever it is that benefits themselves regardless of the consequences, and then simply justify it to themselves afterwards. People are inherently selfish, and usually only act altruistic when it benefits them in some way. Personally I see nothing wrong with that, it's just human nature after all. But we should not be bullshitting ourselves with this idea that when  you "grow up" you suddenly start acting any differently then when you're a child.

What people out there fail to understand is that you create your own problems. Almost any "problem" that can befall you is usually a direct result of your own behavior. True shit happens sometimes, you get some weird medical problem, you lose your job because of factors outside of your control, you're a victim or some horrible crime or natural disaster, etc. You can't control when things like this happen, but what you can do is control your reaction to them. Most people out there do not understand that if you don't act like an asshole to everyone you meet, then people will do good things for you. If you're not a total raging dickhead whenever you don't get something you want, people in your life will be more likely to help you out when you're in need.

Being a nice person isn't enough though, additionally one needs to purge the sociopathic dickheads from one's existence. Seems like everywhere I go, I'm constantly running into greedy, selfish douchebags, who don't give a fuck about anyone else and just take anything they can get their hands on, and fuck whoever gets in their way. How many "problems" in your life can you trace back to dealing with people like this? We've all had friends or family members who take advantage of us in some ways, but most people are too afraid of "destroying a relationship" to do much about it. Well fuck that, if you're constantly dealing with someone else's bullshit, then do something about it. Do whatever it takes to remove yourself from this person's disaster area, whether this means moving out of your house, not answering phone calls, changing jobs, whatever. Does this mean you never see or interact with this person ever again? Not at all. All it means is that when shit hits the fan you don't get any of it on you.

So try it folks. Try not being an asshole to everyone you meet. Try not turning into a flailing penis whenever you don't get what you want. Try to take responsibility when shit in your life gets crazy, and stop blaming everyone else out there for shit that results from your own actions. Try to stop using other people like they're toilet paper to discarded after you're doing wiping your ass on them. Try to, dare I say it, "grow up." Maybe then you won't be writing stupid ass blogs about how no one loves you.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Hate IE 8

If there's one thing on this Earth,
Which I really fucking Hate
It's when I'm forced to use
Internet explorer 8.

It's so stunningly, shitasticlly awful,
I want to punch it in the face,
and whenever I turn it on,
I lose faith in the human race.

Why is this buggy piece of shit,
such a fucking turd?
Why won’t it remember,
my fucking passwords?

It crashes every five minutes
I cannot do any work,
If this shit screws up again,
I will fucking go berserk

I will burn down it's house,
in its' eyes, empty a can of mace,
then rip out it's intestines and hang them like Christmas decorations
all over the fucking place

I will throw it out of a moving car,
and shoot it in the head,
and break it's kneecaps with a baseball bat,
Over and over until it's fucking dead

Fuck Microsoft
and fuck Bill Gates
and fuck everyone in the entire world
who uses Internet Explorer 8.

More on Free-Market Anarchism - Why I Hate the World EP. 46

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Standard and Poor downgrades U.S. credit rating

A recent press release from Standard and Poor's , gave the following explanation behind it's decision to lower the long-term covereing credit rating of the United States:

The political brinksmanship of recent months highlights what we see as America’s governance and policymaking becoming less stable, less effective, and less predictable than what we previously believed. The statutory debt ceiling and the threat of default have become political bargaining chips in the debate over fiscal policy. Despite this year’s wide-ranging debate, in our view, the differences between political parties have proven to be extraordinarily difficult to bridge, and, as we see it, the resulting agreement fell well short of the comprehensive fiscal consolidation program that some proponents had envisaged until quite recently. Republicans and Democrats have only been able to agree to relatively modest savings on discretionary spending while delegating to the Select Committee decisions on more comprehensive measures. It appears that for now, new revenues have dropped down on the menu of policy options. In addition, the plan envisions only minor policy changes on Medicare and little change in other entitlements, the containment of which we and most other independent observers regard as key to long-term fiscal sustainability.

The emphasis is, of course, mine.

So now, thanks to that bunch of idiotic inbred knuckledragging wifebeating bottomfeeding methsmoking corporate Jesus freaks in the House, everything is going to cost more, for everyone in the entire country. These dipshits are so anti-tax that they've gone ahead and forced a spike in the cost of EVERYTHING on EVERYONE. Buying a car? Get ready to pay MORE for it. In the Market for a house? You will pay MORE. Have credit cards? MORE. Why is it that wealth never seems to fucking trickle down, but debt sure as hell always does?

So thanks, Republicans. Thanks, Teaparty. Thanks, Conservatives. Thanks a fucking lot.

Good job assholes.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten Things I Fucking Hate part 13

1) Websites that have popup advertisements where the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons are switched around, so when you instinctively select "cancel" it redirects you to the sponsor website. Why do people do this shit? How does this crap even make you money? Like I'm ever going to buy anything from one of these popups. This shit should be illegal.

This also goes for any website that uses popup windows that try to trick you into selecting "Yes," and also sites that have automatic redirects that keep you from using the back button. Fuck any and all sites that do this stupid shit. Anyone caught running a website with this annoying crap should get shot in the face. No trial, no appeals, you just walk in and blow their fucking face off with a shotgun. Fuck those people.

2) People use the exit lane on the freeway to pass other cars: Seems like every single time I ever hit traffic there's one or two morons who are in such a freakin' hurry that they think they're saving two and a half seconds by getting into the exit lane, driving way up ahead at top speed, then slowing us all down again as they have to re-merge onto the freeway. You irrational impatient dumbfucks are just making it worse for the rest of us. It will all go faster if you just stay in your fucking lane. There should be a chip inside of everyone's car that whenever someone tries to do this crap it just makes their car explode.

3) Websites that split up an article into seventeen different pages just to get you to click through them all so they can bombard you with advertisements. Not only do I not ever click on anything or support sites like this in any way, I make it a point to avoid going to them as much as possible. Stop using stupid tricks to get views and work on your damn content you assholes.

4) Dumbasses who post "1st" as the first comment: What is this a fucking contest? Congradufuckinglations on being first you imbecile, your prize is me repeatedly slamming your penis in the front door while your innards are gored out by rabid wolverines on crack. God damn, don't you morons have anything better to do?

5) How a mouse never seems to work right on a Mac: Seems like everytime I'm forced to use a Mac whenever it comes to precise movements the mouse gets all sticky and jumpy. What the fuck Apple, a simple pointing device too much for you dumbasses? And why the hell doesn't it come with a mouse that has more than one button? Is two-button mouse technology too sophisticated for you dickheads? Fix your fucking computers you assholes.

6) The Annoying Orange: Who came up with this travesty? It's most inane idiotic unfunny bullshit I've ever seen. The shit is not funny, but every single annoying orange video has like fifty billion views. That's all it takes to entertain you simpletons, huh? Some dumbshit superimposes his mouth over a piece of fruit reciting unfunny bullshit, that's enough to make you idiots squirm with glee huh? Fuck the Annoying orange and everyone who watches it.

7) Kim Kardashian: Who the fuck is this person? What has she done exactly to make her so damn famous? Is she an actress? A model? Does she sing, or dance? No - she fucks famous people. That's her act - having sex with rich and famous men. It used to be that to get on television you used to have like, talent, and everything. You had to be able to act or something. This bitch can't do a god damned thing. She can't act, she can't sing, she can't even fucking talk, and truthfully she's not even that hot. Her talent is fucking rich celebrities. So now all you have to do to get a TV show is spread your legs to somebody else famous. Good fucking leaping jumping galloping Jesus on a shitcovered pogo stick. What the fuck has happened to my people?

8) Fred: The guy is fucking lame. Fuck Fred.

9) Professional tournament FPS game players: This is what happens when Jocks play video games. They start turning it into football. Whenever you take any activity and put money on the line it stops being about "fun" and starts turning into "work." It's all about winning to these fucking dipshits. When these retarded diseased bags of monkey anuses invade your server it quickly turns into an exercise in idiotic douchbaggery.

10) Oath Keepers: For those of you who don't know, the "Oath keepers" are a group of conservative police and soldiers in all branches of the military who have taken "oaths" to not follow any order that they deem breaks the Constitution. Sounds good, huh? In real life the Oath keepers are yet another in a long line of disturbing far right Christan wacko movements that have sprung up recently in reaction to a black man being president. Try reading any of their bullshit and you'll see it comes straight out of the paranoid Glenn Beck/Alex Jones house of idiotic far right religious conspiracy nutbaggery, and a lot of it is racist to boot.

Fucking Oath Keeprs...Where the fuck were you morons when Bush did away with Posse Comitatus, huh? Hey, did you know any of those soldiers who got fucking electrocuted while taking showers out there? Did you even say anything about that? What about when Hailburton buys a seventy thousand dollar truck but doesn't get an oil filter, and instead of replacing the oil filter just dumps it in a hole and burns it then calls it a loss and charges the taxpayers for another one? You motherfuckers let all this shit go on for years and years and years, but when suddenly a DEMOCRAT is in charge now all you morons become "Oath Keepers?" What about the fucking oath you took to uphold the Constitution when you first signed up? Guess that "oath" doesn't count when there's a Republican in charge, huh?

Fuck these people. These fucking wars need to end so these damn redneck fucks can go back to pumping gas and busing tables where they belong.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No man knoweth the hour, dumbshit.

Hey, the Rapture didn't happen? No shit sherlock. Of course it didn't happen. Saturday May 21st came and went just like any other day. What the fuck did you think was gonna happen?

Maybe now that you've been burned once you morons won't be so quick to quit your jobs, sell your houses, and give your kid's college money to the asshole telling you these lies. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people? Is that all it takes for me to get everything you own, to come up to you with a book and tell you the world is gonna end?

When are you fucking imbeciles gonna learn, there is no such thing as magic, no such thing as angels, or fairies, or zombies, or forest monsters, or demons, or healing crystals, or shadow people, or shape shifting reptilian overlords, or spirit animals, or mystical spirits, or any other such thing. Metaphysics is interesting bullshit. It's worth reading to see where your culture came from and what crazy people are thinking, but none of it should ever be believed, ever, even for an instant. NONE OF IT IS REAL. This includes the idea that our tiny ass little insignificant planet somehow is the most important place in a universe so incredibly vast that the human mind cannot comprehend how large it is, and that the creator of such a gigantic, vast, wondrous universe has a personal plan set up for YOU personally. If there is a God the last thing he would do is base the fate of the entire gigantic mind-bogglingly humongous universe on us. WE DO NOT MATTER in the vast scheme of things. Mankind will live, and mankind will die, and shit will go on for an eternity without us. Who knows, maybe walking radioactive carrots will inherit the Earth.

In the meantime, get a little fucking common sense, you stupid ass-Christians. The goddamn world is not going to end.

Jesus fucking wept.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Response to Whoplanswhom

What up folks.

Some of you may have seen a video I made a few weeks ago titled "People who Piss me off: Free Market Anarchists." Apparently I've rubbed somebody's rhubarb so much they've decided to write a big huge long response. They were courteous enough to inform me about it.

I was about to say some naughty things here, but maybe not. Maybe Justin Lee is just being polite and really truly believes in this political philosophy and wants to address what he sees as untruths. I shouldn't judge people so quickly.

I take it you all read that? Good, here then is my response to his response.

Justin starts off by disagreeing with my definition of a state. In the video I define the state as a hierarchical society with division of labor and a clear authority which arbitrates disputes and maintains order. I mention that the authority historically has been an institution or organization capable of using violence to enforce such order. No where do I say that violence is actually necessary to the definition of the state, merely an observation as to how states have been set up in the past. I am comparing human hierarchical structures here to the same type of hierarchies which exist in a troop of gorillas or chimpanzees, hence the picture of the gorilla at 1:47, and just as the alpha male of a chimpanzee troop uses violence to maintain order so do our societies. The more sophisticated we think we are, the more primitive we remain, eh folks? I suppose I could envision a state that has no capability to use violence to enforce rules or laws. I realistically can't see that state lasting too long, or being a very nice place to live.

In the second paragraph Justin has beef specifically with the fact that I ignored the territorial aspect of a state, that is the idea that a state has to have some sort of territory that it claims as it's own (i.e. you can't be a country without some land.) I notice Justin likes to point out various logical fallacies I made throughout the video, like the Ad hominem attacks I did towards the beginning - which is absolutely true. I called Free Market Anarchists a bunch of arrogant, self centered, idiotic, dogmatic, stupid, stingy, haughty, insolent, cocky, puffed-up, pompous, whining, complaining, know-nothing, superficial, two-faced, cheap-ass hypocritical crybabies who don't give a fuck about anybody but themselves and would kick an old lady in the street to save five cents on a half-eaten welfare donut, and I stand by every word of it. But anyway, I would also like to point out that Justin makes his own logical fallacy here, that of Argument from authority, when he cites Barrack Obama as supporting his own definition of a state. See, now we've both learned how to debate better.

So anyway, I left out territory in my definition of the state. Yes, I did this on purpose, because it then opens up the state to include organizations that fall outside of the city/country/nation-state milieu, such as terrorist organizations, religious institutions, and corporations. Most specifically corporations, for what is a corporation except a kingdom in miniature? I've always wondered why exactly arachno-capitalist people distrust nation states so much but bend over backwards when multinational corporations engage in the same kind of unethical behavior. And yes, corporations are capable of using violence to further their goals and/or enforce order. The scale may be different but the result is the same, and I see no reason why a corporation would not resort to more violent measures to achieve their goals in a world without central governments. What, the Free Market is somehow gonna stop that? Yeah, ok.

A little further on the textbook definition of Anarchy is given, along with the view that "statists" like myself (yeah, I suppose I am a statist) equate anarchy with failed states like Afghanistan. This is true, I did do that - because by the same definition that was provided by Justin himself, that is an anarchist state is a "state with no ruler," then such states can be called "anarchist." No one rules the whole of Afghanistan, Hamid Karazai is essentially the mayor of Kabul. No one rules all of Somalia, there is not much of a central government in Chad. If you want to see modern examples of countries without rulers then these are it. My argument however is that even in these "anarchist" countries, there is some form of authority which enforces rules and order through violence, in this case regional warlords. Why? Because that seems to be the natural state humans beings organize themselves into (see above.) What would be one large stable central state is instead broken up into dozens of little mini-states, all of which enforce their own rules and often times contend with each other through violence. That was the point, that the places on Earth without rulers are ruled anyway, and this would be the real world result of implementing your anarchist paradise. When there are no rulers people fight amongst themselves. I would like to think human beings are evolved enough to rise above this type of tribal warfare, but I would be wrong.

The next paragraph Justin once again maintains that I somewhere said that governments are justified in using violence to maintain power with some freakish ice cream analogy that shows he misunderstands how I used the word "natural." To quote Justin,

"After all, just as a good majority of people naturally like ice cream, I hardly think that would justify “natural hierarchical structures” enforcing the consumption of ice cream."

Nowhere do I imply that if people do things "naturally" then we should force them to do such things. I don't see where I said anywhere in the video it's natural for hierarchal structures to use violence (I said it was a coincidence, not a natural law of human behavior to use violence at 1:38.) But since I've been asked the question, do I think is is in fact, natural? I would have to conclude yes. I can't name very many examples of large societies that don't have some sort of enforcement mechanisim. You may think this contradicts my earlier comparison of corporations as mini-states, but it doesn't. The only reason a corporation doesn't use violent tactics more often is because, most of the time, it can defer to the actions of it's governing nation state. But if you simply think getting rid of a government is going to remove unjust violence in a society then you are sadly naive.

Next the question is asked if governments are needed to shield a society from the actions of corporations, which Justin admits are not always in the public interest. To quote, "However, should the blame rest with corporations or also with their architects (governments) that created them and shield them from accountability?" I agree, the blame does lay with both. It's no secret that all western governments are essentially the enforcement arms of large multinational corporations (especially the American government after eight years of the Bush people letting the corporations write the damn laws and staff the damn regulatory agencies. Thanks a lot assholes.) However the same governments can be a useful tool in curbing the actions of said corporations, especially in cases where the "Free Market" doesn't seem to do very much. Want an example? The National Do not call Registry. I rest my case.

So yes, this is why I posted a picture of Rosa Parks, which Justin pointed out was disobeying segregationist policies enforced by a government. The point is that same government which enforced those racist segregationist laws now enforces laws which do not permit segregation in public life. "The government" was never racist to begin with, it's the people within the government who passed such laws. Now the people in the government (officially) do not permit such behavior in public and most private institutions. Because a government is a tool, and if it's used well you get good results.

The next paragraph I'm afraid is just completely full of shit. First off Justin expresses gratitude that racist government policies like slavery and Jim crow laws have been removed. He fails of course to mention there are now laws on the books against these things. The "Free Market" didn't end Jim crow, people did, by getting together and organizing and marching and demanding and getting shot and dying. And you know slavery, we had that whole thing called the civil war and all, and yes it was actually about slavery for the most part, despite what the conservatives tell you.

This next bullshit about "government preventing wealth creation," just what does that mean exactly? There's a lot of things out there which are highly profitable but are also illegal, so what exactly are you talking about Justin? What are these "creative hustling" enterprises which the poor victims of government forced poverty are prevented from engaging in? DVD piracy? Prostitution? White slavery? Human organ trafficking? Crack dealing? And what is this shit about "government forced poverty?" You make it sound like if a poor person gets a job and makes a little cash the poverty police show up and take it all at gunpoint. What the fuck are you talking about?

Man, as this goes on.. just more and more bullshit.. "Governments are not responsible for ending child labor." Yeah I guess the Fair Labor Standards act didn't really do much. One may argue that child labor was already on the way out by 1938, which is true. This also however ignores the decades long fight against child labor in the United States. It did not just happen because suddenly employers had more wealth to pay breadwinners more, it happened because people fought for it long and hard and finally got it outlawed. Another example of the government stepping up when the free market failed.

Next paragraph, Justin tires to trap me once again with his unfounded ice-cream analogy. Nowhere do I maintain that racism and discrimination is "natural," and nor do I imply in the video at all that a hierarchical structure should use violence to enforce it even if it was. The fact that racism, sexism, and slavery was considered the "natural order" by people in the past is irrelevant. And where exactly in the video did I say the use of violence is "just?" Nowhere. I didn't say it was "just," I observed that it was a "coincidence."

In the next paragraph Justin reinforces my point about child labor. He states governments caused it by enacting "mercantilist and protectionist Robber Baron economic policies." Well, thanks for making my point for me, that is the government is a tool which in this case was used incorrectly to protect the upper class and exploit children. See if the government was instead used to (gasp!) regulate these industries and ensure decent wages and safe working conditions instead of allow regulations to be tailor written by the industries they're supposed to regulate and allow the Rockefellers or JP Morgans of the world to make 150,000 times the salary of their workers then maybe we wouldn't have a century of child exploitation on our history books. You'll notice a lot of parallels between the Guilded age and today if you even pay half of an attention. How long before these assholes are forcing kids out of schools and back into the factories?

Oh wait, it's already fucking happening. Thanks assholes. Kinda blows away your dumbshit contention that the "free market ended child labor" when the fucking conservatives are trying to bring that shit back. Is there not enough wealth today to keep kids in school? Do you really expect me to believe that?

The next five or six paragraphs has something to do with some dude who wrote a book that reinforces some shit that Justin thinks is true, blah blah blah, yeah maybe one day I'll read it but not likely. I'm sure there's all kinds of awesome points that will definitely show me the error of my evil communist treehugger ways but I've already spent way more time on this bullshit than I should have so skip to the end.

The next section titled "Making more Trouble" goes over a couple of points that I made and attempts to repudiate them, so I should address these. God dammit Justin, why you gotta make this shit so long?

1) Food Prices - What I said about food prices is true, that is that we do not have a Laissez-faire policy towards food production, and thankfully Justin acknowledges that. He however does not address the fact that government subsidies are a highly successful policy and consistently lead to higher yields and surpluses to export, but instead chooses to engage in a little Ad hominem attacking of his own. The fact that it could be done more efficiently or that there is less organic agriculture than there should be is irrelevant. What is relevant is that it's an example of a highly successful government policy which wouldn't be half as such if left to the free market.

2) Low wages - In the video I mention that Free Market anarchists blame the government for low wages. Justin responds to this by citing the Wagner act of 1935, which legalized certain unions and curbed some of the more radical like the IWW. I would counter this by saying that this is another example of the tool of government used to the public's advantage. This act which regulated unions lead to a large growth of union membership and large economic benefits for the whole country for decades to come. Even today when a a mere 9% of public workers are unionized, said workers still enjoy a union wage premium of 15 - 20%. So sorry, your big evil government conspiracy to drive down wages actually increased them.

3) Colleges - Ahh, the ol' "College is expensive because the government provides guaranteed loans" line. First off why exactly is it the governments fault for providing the loans, but not the college's fault for jacking up prices? That's like saying McDonalds is responsible for fat people, sorry that's a bullshit argument. If the college jacks up it's prices to match the maximum amount of the loan then the problem lies with the college for taking advantage, not the government. Second the government does not provide 100% of all the financing for every college student in the country. So how come you people never blame Bank of America or Citibank for runaway college tuition? "Oh no we can't blame them, they be private institutions and by my idiotic free market dogma can do no wrong!" Third most states actually run their own university systems, so if you morons truly want to eliminate all government assistance to colleges then kiss the UC, State, and Community colleges nationwide goodbye. No, you can not have it both ways. Yeah it'll be real easy to get a higher education when the only colleges left are prohibitively expensive ivy league schools or dumbshit Christian diploma mills. Fuck college, who needs it anyway? We're all gonna be too busy working alongside twelve year olds in a sweatshop for 17 hours a day making tennis shoes for you assholes to prance around your free market paradise exclaiming how great it is that no government exists to "steal" taxes from you.

4) Environmental conservation - I'm not really sure how relevant environmental regulations in the 19th century are to the discussion today, as most of what we have couldn't be handled in such a fashion. Example: A local town outlaws a company from dumping toxic waste in their river, so said company just moves upstream and makes a deal with another town to legally dump it in their portion of the river. The river ends up polluted for everyone. What's the first town gonna do, sue them? Would be nice except there is no court system - don't forget, you people got rid of the government. So now what? Declare war on the polluters?

This would be funny if it weren't actually happening.

5) Drug safety - Justin puts forward the argument that a drug like crack (because that's the drug I mention in the video) would in fact be more safe if the government did not outlaw it. Well, it would be safer in the respect that people would not be shooting each other over it, so I agree to that much.

You know what would make it even safer? If it were regulated by the FDA as to purity, potency, and usage. That would make it a lot safer then just letting any random yahoo sell the shit on the streets.

6) Terrorism - For the most part, governments tend to use terrorists as a tool to indirectly achieve political aims, however they can also be as much victims of terrorists as enablers. My point is that our government was on 9-11 (hence the picture of Osama) just as much a victim of terrorism as anyone else. Is every single terrorist act out there the direct result of government meddling? No. A lot of the stuff that I'm seeing above tends to be of the government "enabling" said problems. Well when exactly does it stop becoming the CIA's fault and start becoming Mohammed Atta's fault for crashing the plane into the World Trade Center? Never?

Alright, it's already almost midnight, and I have to work in the morning. There's lots of more herping and derping about important sounding shit as well as attempts to make me look stupid, most of which is bullshit. The last point Justin makes is that Public goods become harder to achieve with a government in place. I would agree except there is very little precedent for any type of public good ever being developed by the private sector ever in the history of mankind. I can't really think of very much of our infrastructure which is wholly and has always been privately owned from it's inception. Pretty much all of it had public funding or government involvement at some point - the roads, the railroads, the television networks, the phone system, the internet, the hospitals, the schools, the national parks, the telecommunications industry, and so on. Is there really any public good we have today that is not the result of government spending to some degree? There has to be something.

Nevermind the fact that if a private company creates it, then it's not exactly "public" then, is it? Imagine a road where only people who own Chryslers are allowed to drive upon, or a nationwide intranet system that only users of a certain operating system can access. That is what a "public" good looks like when a private company makes it. And like I asked in the video, why should they create public infrastructure, if they're not solely allowed to profit from it? What's in it for them?

Am I saying that everything should be run by the government? No. What I am saying though is that Free Market Anarchists tend to forget that there is no such thing as a free market. All markets are manipulated in some way, always have been and always will be. The idea that all these problems will go away if we just get rid of governments is, to be frank, fucking idiotic. People do not do the right thing because it's the right thing to do, most people do what they feel they can get away with. Yeah maybe in a perfect universe where unicorns fart rainbows and marijuana jellybeans fall from the sky I could envision a world without governments that isn't a total post apocalyptic Roadwarrior-esque cluster fuck, so please come get me when that happens.