Monday, October 24, 2011

Gadaffi, Lybia, Iraq, and Obama : Why I Hate the World EP:48


  1. So wrong on so many counts so I'll make it quick.
    Google PNAC and you'll know why this was an unwinnable war.
    The war is not over.

    Two, Libya and Egypt did not attack anyone and should have been given adequate warning.
    You also failed to discuss the CIA's role in the "Arab Spring" and the possible consequences of the MUSLIM Brotherhood filling the void of Mubarak and Ghadafi.

    1. Our role in Lybia is over. There are no American troops on the ground. The facts seem to directly contradict your assertion, I wonder why?

      And yes I didn't discuss the Muslim brotherhood, because they are not relevant to the conversation. Why exactly did you feel the need to type "Muslim" all in caps? I can read you arrogant douchebag. Or maybe it was because you wanted to emphasize the word "Muslim," huh? Like maybe if it were the "CHRISTIAN" brotherhood you wouldn't care so much, huh? Anyway the MUSLIM brotherhood is irrelevant to the conversation, because the video was about how when Obama uses military force, it does not bog down into a 10 year war, unlike some other presidents I could mention.

      Third, fuck you. Why do you keep coming back here? You obviously don't like what I have to say, so fuck you very much, move your ass along please.

  2. The muslim Brotherhood is not just a potential problem for Libya but also Egypt as well, and could be in Syria if the UN gets their wish and desposes Bashar al-Assad. A lot of Russians cheered when the bourgeois czar was overthrown or the imperial King of France was overthrown or the Shah of Iran but where did that get them?
    The misnamed "Freedom and Justice Party" of Egypt with it's links to the Muslim Brotherhood has won nearly half the seats to the Parliament.

    But you like all the other kool-aid drinkers decided to use international when it suits your purpose best (kill first ask question later) and wanted a quick fix without the weighing the consequences.

    Only a handful of the world's population actually care what you have to say, so why do you keep making meaningless youtube messages?
    I mean I know the economy sucks but there has to be something out their for a basement dwelling-stoner and gutter snipe Ozzy Osbourne looke alike like yourselves.

    1. Did the Muslim Brotherhood instigate the Arab spring in Egypt? No. Did they even side with the protesters? Not at first. Did they have anything to do with the Libyan revolt? Not really. They are irrelevant to the conversation.

      Nobody gives a shit what you have to say (especially me,) so why do you keep posting? You come on here calling me a stoner and shit like that, well if what you have to say is so fucking important then why don't you make your own videos?

      Please do that. Maybe then you'll stay the fuck off my blog.

  3. I doesn't matter who sided with who in the beginning. The point is those two countries are worse off now. Do you know anything about Libya or Egypt that wasn't told to you by the all trusting Obama administration?

    1. No, the point is you said a bunch of shit which isn't true. You brought up the Muslim brotherhood, when they had nothing to do with anything. They did not instigate the revolt, they had nothing to do with it at all. The shit you're saying is irrelevant.

      Now please, go the fuck away. I do not care about you.