Monday, September 29, 2008

The State of the Economy

An understatement, I think.

777 points in one day. Holy fucking shit.

Remember how a few years ago Bush inc. wanted to put Social Security into the stock market? Glad that didn't happen now, arentcha?

The general consensus now among the right wing boards I go to make fun of people at is this credit crisis is the fault of...

.... get this....


Yup, the right wing nutbags out there are trying to blame this whole thing on BLACK PEOPLE, and also the Democrats (of course,) for forcing banks to lend money to black people in order to buy homes. News stories like this (linky) are being thrown around as "proof" this whole financial crisis is in fact, once again, Bill Clinton's fault.

Too bad the truth is like the exact opposite.

Please make sure to click that link and read through it, and please please please please, do not believe anything they tell you about what's going on now. The news nowadays just becomes more increasingly surreal as the days go on. It's embarrassing how far our country has fallen.

In the meantime, now is a good time to pay off those credit cards, becasue belts are gonna get tightened all around.

Fucking Republicans...