Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SOPA and the NDAA of 2012 - Why I Hate The World EP 53


  1. Yewell I hate the world in a calm, rational and technical and highly atomic and mechanical way. I feel like I had enough with people in Salisbury South Australia calling the cops and making sure I go to prison for a crime agnosticism doesn't allow and I don't believe in. Like being a breach to the peace, I mean, hello, admit it, if I was a naughty Christian before and am a cynic you think I'm a savage, an ignorant and arrogant monster. Boy do I want to beat a Salisbury person's face so hard for thinking that, a whole Christian tribe fighting against my existence and it happens in this country, but it doesn't stop there, it's not safe to go to a Salisbury Downs Foodland without an evil man I'm trying to make disappear with my mind and he won't cease to exist he's still there and he's still bullying me in a malignant way. To sustain why I can proudly hate Salisbury, is the fact that people in Alexam Place in Salisbury East are horrible people with no sense of humour: they verbally abuse me and accuse me of evil things I swear I was born to avoid 100%, and the "smart" one isn't directed at me, and it's bad because everywhere I go in Australia I see teenagers on the bus who are rude and shout anti-me slogans of a sacrificial nature, and I see Chinese men who pretend to be nice people but are talking to me as if I'm a ridiculous fool, and Indian people who are mentally killing me every time I want to love money, jewels, and act like a Christian or a moderation artist, and then I was acting Christian and people were all brats towards this, they won't fucking love their enemies and have no love and no mercy for me as a Christian and other Christians bullied me when I was being Christian, and accusing me of awful atheist things not in the Bible, acting stupid and pig-ignorant wrongly as if I wasn't wise. Well I can tell you when I follow a religion I learn it with the highest precision, I'm learning the right things only I'm different, so what! I can believe anything I want and I don't have to think like other Christians. Who gives a fuck? These Australians are like that, a perfect friendly brotherhood of friends and mutual humbleness and trust gone horribly wrong! This is why I hate the world!!!!

  2. It's important to know that Obama asked for the provisions for indefinite detention.