Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Hate IE 8

If there's one thing on this Earth,
Which I really fucking Hate
It's when I'm forced to use
Internet explorer 8.

It's so stunningly, shitasticlly awful,
I want to punch it in the face,
and whenever I turn it on,
I lose faith in the human race.

Why is this buggy piece of shit,
such a fucking turd?
Why won’t it remember,
my fucking passwords?

It crashes every five minutes
I cannot do any work,
If this shit screws up again,
I will fucking go berserk

I will burn down it's house,
in its' eyes, empty a can of mace,
then rip out it's intestines and hang them like Christmas decorations
all over the fucking place

I will throw it out of a moving car,
and shoot it in the head,
and break it's kneecaps with a baseball bat,
Over and over until it's fucking dead

Fuck Microsoft
and fuck Bill Gates
and fuck everyone in the entire world
who uses Internet Explorer 8.

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