Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bush Is In Trouble. It's About Friggin' Time

(Originally posted on on 10/5/05)

That election in 2000 did a lot to the political landscape in this country. We're a country that usually prides ourselves on national unity, but this time we got to see just how ideologically divided we really are. You all remember the Red/Blue maps they showed after the 2000 and 2004 elections, showing how much our country just hasn't really changed since the Civil war. There were some protests and people throwing eggs at the presidential motorcade, but thanks to a steady stream of softballing in the media for the most part the liberal blue state people grudgingly shut up and went with the program. Because in America civil wars do not break out when people steal elections. There's a good reason for that which we'll touch upon later.

Bush's first term was all wine and roses, and the media treated it as such. Big ass huge tax cut? Passed, no gripe from the media. Destroy all the environmental regulations? Screw up the schools? Invade another country with phony evidence? No problem. Thanks to Rupert Murdoch and his imitators everyone who didn't go along with it never really got their voices heard. All they needed to do to squelch decent was to show the footage of the twin towers being knocked down.

To people like me, people who voted for John Kerry because he represented the lesser of two evils, it seemed like all of our political nightmares had come true. Evil Republicans were busy turning America into a third world country, ruling by fear and ideology, while anyone who stood in their way got sidelined into the junior college lecture circuit.

But the one thing the Bush people didn't count on is this: While people love to see a hero overcome the odds, they love it even more when a hero is brought down. Bush's second term is when it happens.

The conquering war president who flew on the deck of that aircraft carrier with that "Mission Accomplished" banner behind him is suffering his lowest poll numbers EVER, the lowest of any president since they started taking polls. He couldn't get his Medicare package passed. He nominated a complete moron in the guise of Harriet Miers to the supreme court. He dropped the ball when it came to hurricane relief and embarrassed the entire country. Even some of his own evangelical constituents are starting to get pissed at him. Tom Delay is up to his neck in scandal and is pulling every dirty trick in the book to get out of it (such as smearing the prosecutor and attempting to get the judge replaced because the donated to last year.) And it's becoming completely obvious, even to the full of shit media, that his top aides including Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and possibly Vice President Cheney, had a hand in smearing Joseph Wilson by outing his CIA agent wife.

Hey conservative people, you can't blame the media this time. You assholes own the media. You've owned it for years. From day one the major news networks have gone easy on Bush and his cohorts. And it helps that all the damn radio stations are also owned by the same people. How many radio stations does Fox/Clearchannel own now? Like all of them? So don't let me hear any of you assholes pulling the "Liberal Media" card, because that's a crock of shit. And lo and behold, all the crap we "Blue state people" were yippin and hollerin' about, all the crap you conservatives refused to believe, all of it is now being reported as accepted truth. Like say, there was no connection between Iraq and Al Queda, and the Iraqi agent story meeting with Al Queda in Europe was bullshit. Or that Iraq didn't try to buy Uranium yellow cake from Nigeria (which sparked the whole Valerie Plame scandal that is currently biting the administration in the bootay.) I remember having very heated flame wars over these subjects on various conservative chat boards, yet everyone called me a crank. But now it's reported as true, by YOUR media. I told you so.

And so it appears this administration is on it's way to being throughly humbled, and it's about goddamned time. Bush will finish up his lame duck term, and best case scenario will be too wracked with scandal to destroy anything else. It's refreshing to read a newspaper or go to news website and like, actually read the truth. There's only so much bullshit you can whitewash. So now all America needs to do is whether the neocon storm until they implode upon themselves. Which should be by like, next Friday or so.

That's what you get when you vote with your TV set instead of your brain.

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