Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shut The Hell Up And Let Gay People Get Married

Lately I've been debating Christians on the internet about the pros and con of Gay marriage. Their argument seems to be if we let homos tie the not then it will lead to the destruction of the civilized world (this was on the LOTE forum until I was permanently banned there recently, but luckily I've found a new forum to bag on conservatives.) Problem is that particular forum is censored, so I can't say any bad language, let alone anything overly offensive against Christians else my post doesn't make it. Furthermore they don't tell you it's been 86'ed so it looks like you gave up. Since I have my own website and I can say whatever the fuck I want on it I will now proceed to pick apart the case against Gay marriage, piece by piece.


I could be wrong here but last time I checked they let any moron get married to whoever the hell they want. There certainly isn't an intelligence requirement to getting married. So if it's not a "right," then how come we still let convicted drug dealers, rapists, or serial killers get married? How come we let any kind of human slime get hitched and breed more dirtbags but we don't let an honest, hardworking person who contributes to society get married in a union that will not produce more children? Am I the only one who thinks this doesn't make sense?

It is your right, as a human being, to decide who the hell you want to get married to. No one has the right to tell you otherwise. Used to be back in the olden days that all marriages were arranged, and marriage depended more on trade, commerce, and the family holdings than it did about love. While it might be like that still in Saudi Arabia, it is not in America. In America you have the right to choose who you want to get hitched to. It doesn't matter if your potential spouse it Black, White, Indian, rich, poor, homeless, or even a non-citizen, nobody can stop you from tying the knot.

LOAD OF SHIT LIE #2: Gay Marriage will lead to legalizing Polygamy, Incest, or somebody marrying an intimate object.

Bullshit, nobody who wants gay marriage wants to also legalize polygamy, incest, group marriages, etc. That's a slippery slope argument; The idea the bad thing A leads to bad thing B leads to bad thing C, but it's not always necessarily so. The people who want gay marriage are consenting and (for the most part) responsible adults who just want to marry the person they're in love with and live happily ever after. No one wants to marry their cat, the entire Dallas cowboys, or a box of cereal. It's fucking stupid to think that. If you people are going to make shit up at least think about it for a few minutes.


First off, marriage is not an institution. The New York Stock exchange is an Institution. Focus on the Family is an institution. The Catholic Church is an institution. The local Moose club of funny-hat wearing old men in an Institution. Marriage is a social custom which has thousands of forms throughout the world's history and is not limited by who or what marries you. A marriage by the pope and a marriage at Shotgun Harley's weddings and casino steakhouse hold the same legal meaning. The Modern incarnation of the United States is no different in this regard than the Zulus of 18th century South Africa or the ancient Samaritans, marriage has not suddenly become some immobile, untouchable autocratic monstrosity that is solely defined by a man and a woman in a church with a pipe organ, ring boy, flower girls, and bad reception music.

Second, a "family" is not solely defined by Mom, Dad, and the 2.5 kids. Family includes anyone who is related to you by blood or marriage. So what difference is there between a traditional nuclear family and one that just happens to have two fathers or two mothers? Not much. A family with two gay parents is still a "Family." And as for the people who say that a gay family is not "normal," know what I say to that? Fuck you. Who the fuck are you to say what's normal? Nowhere is there any evidence that doesn't come to of a right wing Christian psudeo-science think tank that says kids brought up by two parents of the same gender will grow up to become serial killers. It's a load of shit, which brings us to or next lie:


I know it sounds ridiculous, but this is what these people actually believe. They really do think that gay marriage will breed a generation of young people who in some time in the future will participate in the murder, jailing, rape, and oppression of the wider Christian community. I nearly laughed out loud when I heard this, but I didn't because I was holding my face in my hands in embarrassment. Are you people fucking kidding? Is this some kind of joke? Nobody is going to kill you, nobody is going to throw you in jail, and how the hell is a gay man going to rape your daughter if he's gay? It's just plain fucking stupid. Shut the hell up before you say something intelligent for crying out loud.

What they will do is breed a generation of young people that doesn't buy into the Evangelical give-me-money bullshit, and that's what you people are afraid of. You're afraid that if everyone is suddenly taught from a young age how completely full of baloney people like Jerry Farwell and James Dobson are then suddenly the donations are going to dry up and you assholes are going to have to get real jobs. Then they might get brave and decide to Tax all those fuckers. So don't try to pull the oppression card okay? There's a big difference between removing a poster with the Ten Commandments on it and a bunch of random fucking skinheads beating the shit out of you and lighting you on fire. "Oh, they won't let me do a report on Jesus at school and they teach EVOLUTION and somebody made fun of my "Calvin Praying at Calvary" sticker, oh I'm so OPPRESSED!" Just shut the fuck up. Nobody cares.


Bullshit. Every time somebody says this I ask them why, and nobody can give me a good reason. They usually quote some b.s. study done by the family research council or some other reactionary baloney factory. It's just not true. I know that the entire Evangelical Christian movement is based on how many lies they can get away with coupled with how angry they can make you so you'll give them more money, so I don't blame Evangelicals for being short a few nails on the cross. You wouldn't be an Evangelical if you had a brain. Nobody with half a neuron buys into any crap people like the Family Research Council put out. Just remember that the fact that you can believe totally implausible crap with absolutely no proof does not make your convictions stand out more, it just makes you look retarded.

As for drug use, suicide, depression, welfare scams, etc, all that stuff goes in cycles that are more closely related to economic cycles than anything else. That means that rich people usually don't smoke crack or throw themselves off buildings. It's only the poor, desperate people that continually get bootie ranked with the spiky dildo who resort to alcoholism, drugs, prostitution, or a shotgun to the head. And I might add that someone who is in a stable enough relationship to seek marriage usually has a lower instance of said above problems, simply because they have somebody else to slap them in the head when they fuck up. Doesn't matter if you're gay or not.

It just makes me sick to see people who are supposed to be out there preaching love and hope totally shit on a segment of our society simply because their leaders are making money off it. Hey Jesus was an unmarried man who wore a dress all day and hung out with twelve other guys. I bet you Mary Madeline was his fag hag. Did that sentence piss you off? Good, because that's what you're doing to the one final minority that it's still okay to fuck with in our society, the homosexuals. There is no difference from what you say than from the Klu Klux Klan. At least the Neo-Nazis and Skinheads don't try to hide behind God.

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