Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The "Straight Pride Parade" is just another dumb-ass troll

As some of you may heard there is a "straight pride parade" currently being organized to be held in Boston sometime this coming August. This of course has set the SJWs on fire all across social media. The thing is they should be on fire, because the more we learn about the organizers of this event, the more it looks like another far-right wing rally filled with asshole alt-right Nazi douchebags akin to Charlottesville.

This event is is being organized by a group called "Super Happy Fun America."  It turns out the principal organizer of this innocent sounding group is a guy named Mark Sahady, who is the leader of an another  organization in Boston called "Resist Marxism." There's a Guardian piece which reports that they have links with various alt-right and white nationalist groups. Mark Sahady also attended an event filled with Proud Boys and other right-wing assholes last June 18th in Portland Oregon which degenerated into a fist fight with antifa protesters. 

So why the name "Super Happy Fun America?" That hardly sounds like a group of torch bearing goosetepping black shirts itching to beat the crap out of protestors. When I first heard that name I thought it sounded like something out of 4-chan, and most likely I'm not far off.  The trend lately among alt-right crowd seems to be to come up with the most innocuous sounding memes to spread their hate-filled bullshit - "It's Okay to be White" comes to mind. Another is the "Honker" or "Clownworld" meme. The idea is so when the leftists and SJW people inevitably get pissed off and go on some deranged rant of Twitter or Tumbler,  then they'll look stupid objecting to something that sounds so innocent. Who the fuck could get upset at something called "Super Happy Fun America?"

It is worth noting that there's a big chance this parade isn't going to happen in the first place, because so far the organizers haven't actually applied for a permit. All that's occurred (to my knowledge) is that a statement from the mayor's office in Boston has said they can have the rally - which is 100% correct. Of course they can, first amendment and all. Personally seeing all the bad press this stunt has gotten I don't see why at this point they'd want to go through with it, seeing how the more the story spreads about this march, the more likely the amount of counter-protesters will outnumber them. The Alt-Right tends to do well at these things when they just show up without telling anybody. When Richard Spencer and his band of torch wielding goons had their famous rally in the middle of the night in Charlottesville on May 13th 2017, part of the reason they were able to run around chanting their dipshit slogans and intimidate people  is because nobody knew about it. By contrast that following July 8th the Klu Klux Klan also held a rally in Charlottesville, but by that point word got around and they were outnumbered twenty to one. 

If you really think about it the entire idea of a straight pride parade is ridiculous to begin with. The whole concept of "gay pride" came around because being gay isn't something that's easy. It comes with a lot of pain and anguish, and shame, and most of all people constantly fucking with you. This parade started as a way for people band together and get past all that. Nobody shames you or kicks your ass for being straight. Nobody has ever lost a job or got disowned from their family for being straight. And even if you somehow live in an alternate universe where this has happened to you because you're not gay,  this parade isn't about actually addressing any of that. It's not really about making straight people feel safe and accepted or  "celebrating the accomplishments of straight people," (whatever that's supposed to mean.)  These guys behind this do not give a fuck about any of that, all they want to do is trigger the libs. This shit is a goddamned game to these people.

Before we end I really just want to hit that point one more time - this is really nothing more than a game. That's something we on the left need to understand. It doesn't matter how you try to argue with these people, they don't care. The Alt-right doesn't give a fuck if shit like this ruins people's lives. Nor do they care if the people they support ruin the fucking country. That's why they can support highly corrupt and blatantly hypocritical politicians and policies which break up families or put people out of work. They don't care about reality. They don't have integrity. They don't give a shit what the truth is. All they care about pissing off liberals. It's a goddamned game to these assholes.

If they actually go through with this, then I encourage every gay person in America to show up to this parade. Make this the gayest pride parade in the history of pride parades, and send these douchebags home with their tails between their legs. 

You know why? Because fuck these people, that's why.


  1. This crap looks like something a gay fag would write on a men's room wall. I bet you barely earned your GED.