Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You know what? Fuck Bristol Palin

In the world of conservative douche-baggery, the one person I hate the most is probably Bristol Palin. For those of you who have lives and don't give a shit about this kind of thing, Bristol Palin is the daughter of former governor of Alaska turned loser Republican vice presidential candidate turned Fox news contributor and all around Media whore, Sarah Palin.

Bristol's claim to fame is she was knocked up by some jock dumbshit and had a kid out of wedlock, which promptly forced all stuck-up bible thumping Republican dickheads who normally talk shit about minorities for having kids out of wedlock to do a complete one eighty and suddenly congratulate Bristol for "doing the right thing." The obvious, blatant, unapologetic hypocrisy generated from this fiasco contributed in no small part to John McCain's defeat in the election.

So why are we talking about this hypocritical bag of irrelevant? Because Bristol has taken it upon herself to criticize President Obama for taking his daughter's opinions into consideration when communicating his stance on gay marriage last week.  She essentially came out and called him a bad father, for supporting gay marriage.

The only question I have here is ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?  First off, not only is Bristol an unwed formerly teenage mother, secondly her baby-daddy is not even involved in her child's life. How the fuck can you criticize someone for being a "bad father" WHEN YOUR CHILD DOES NOT HAVE A FUCKING FATHER? How does this make any sense, whatsoever? You can't get any more hypocritical if you tried.

That is the problem with the "family values" crowd in general: They're hypocrites. It's no big fucking mystery that so many politicians who vote down gay rights turn out to be gay themselves. And Bristol Palin is the queen hypocrite: She's a woman who gave birth out of wedlock as a teenager who makes her living giving motivational speeches to Christians about the values of abstinence. She makes over $30,000 per engagement.

Good fucking God, the stupid burns my brain.

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