Friday, January 8, 2010

I Hate Itunes

God damn, I hate Itunes.

I hate it I hate it I hate it.

I hate it so much, I am going to write a poem about it.

Itunes, Itunes,
I fucking hate it
I hate it so much,
I'm going to beat it with a stick

I'm going to kick it in the nuts
and shoot it in the head
then run it over with an ice cream truck,
over and over and over again

It's such an overbloated,
slow-ass piece of shit,
and everyone who works for Apple,
can suck my fucking dick

Why's it take three hours,
To download and install?
Why's it then set it self as the default media player, even when I select "no,"
and hold my computer in it's thrall?

Why is it when I select "Paypal" as payment option,
What the fuck Steve Jobs?
Fix your shitty program you JERK!

Fuck Apple and it's shitty DRM format,
and fuck Steve Jobs,
and fuck all the stupid people,
with their stupid fucking Ipods,

The End


  1. I enjoyed reading the poem ^^
    And i agree that itunes is some friggen crap ;D
    Have a nice day!
    Ignore my google name im going to fix it soon.

  2. I fucking hate iTunes more than anything in the world. I would rather be kicked in the nuts than have to use iTunes for 1 minute. I love my iPhone I want to fucking kill whoever is responsible for iTunes. I FUCKING HATE IT. FUCK!

  3. I'm so sick and tired of fucking iTunes. It has fucked up iPods of mine and my families, and iPhones of my loved ones. Why the fuck can't Mac make good products without having to attach them to a motherfucking, piece-of-shit program like iTunes that causes over 90% of their problems!?! Do they not realize that they'd have to pay so much less in tech. support if they didn't fucking do this? Are they fucking retarded? Fuck iTunes, allow iPhone and iPod to download their own support systems to our PC that doesn't automatically come on when our computer does, and only comes up when the said device is connected to the PC. They'd save themselves a lot of money, and a lot of hatred that creates poems like this.

  4. Now I'm trying to find out how to get rid of that fucking genius playlist from my ipod. That and 'on the go' serve no purpose to me but just clutter up my own playlists. With genius taking place of 'honour' on top, I have to stop what I'm doing to look to see where my my favourite playlist is. All to serve apple's marketing...

  5. itunes wont Evin except my iPod Evin after i spent 3 hours making it work on my computer. it fucks up everything and makes my amd quad core computer with 16 gigs of ram freeze up every time i connect my ipod it takes 20 min fore it to un freeze it fucking sucks.

  6. i fuckin hate itunes right now!!!! i been trying to fuckin purchase a fuckin song for like 2 fuckin hours and itunes wont fuckin let me. fuck!! why the fuck not? i've done every kind a trouble shoot imaginable and nothing works.

  7. I have been ripping all my music for over 2 months for about 12 to 16 hours a day (I'm unemployed and I have no life or money). I have been ripping in Apple lossless, FLAC with Foobar, and WMA with Windows media player. I have a pretty powerful machine. Of the 3 programs, iTunes is the only one that freezes up my machine. After about 1000 CDS, Windows Media Player has frozen about 3 times, Foobar not even once, and itunes I stopped counting... at least 50 or more times. I freaking hate it. I'm only using it for my 120 gig ipod. I ditched the apple software on my 30 gig ipod and replaced it with ROCKbox for FLAC files. Foobar is by far the best with a little more effort ripping, but it doesn't lock up, open source and DRM free, and uses minimal resources. Itunes is the "prettiest" of the 3 but fuck, I don't care, I want functionality. As soon as I am done I will be using itunes as little as possible. I wasn't a "hater" till I have had extended experience with it now, I loathe it. Oh, and the DRM shit is a bunch of bull. I will never purchase anything on itunes again, I'll stick to buying CDs.

  8. I think Apple must have known I was ranting becuase it just locked up my machine writing the above comment. UGH!!! Maybe I should just sell my 120 and my macbook pro, I have not been impressed with their products. I like my pc much better

  9. FUCK I TUNES AND APPLE!!! Ive been an iphonr user for 3 years (had 3) and i love the phone and interface but online interface sucks!! Wtf? Apple cant afford a call center for support....???????This is BS WEBSITE IS GARBAGE!!! Can i get a little help for my 500$??? FUCK APPLE AND THE IPHONE SWITCHING TO DROID!

  10. I can't say anything more but Fuck itunes

  11. From me to you
    i'll tell you true
    i fuckin' hate that program too

    i fuckin' hate it every way
    i fuckin' hate it every day

    today i hate it even more
    i'm fuckin' pissed and fuck! what's more

    i hope the fuckin' apple store
    is burned to fuckin' little more
    than blackened chips:
    a blackened core

    those fuckin' evil apple folk
    their fuckin' software is a joke
    they fuckin' thieve and fuckin' steal
    i'd like to make them fuckin' squeal

    but out there there's a zillon fools
    they're fuckin' stupid apple tools
    they're fuckin' paying through the nose
    but that's the fuckin' way it goes