Sunday, January 7, 2024

CHUDS Threaten Violence (again,) Over Trump's Ban From ME Ballot


Back in 2016 when Hillary was the favorite to win the election all the Trump people started threatening a second civil war if he lost. In 2020 when it was clear Biden was going to take it they did the same thing - and then they showed up at the capital in a giant mob and tried to murder Congress and stop the certification on January 6th. Now four years later Trump is finally starting to be held accountable for the crime of trying to steal the election, and the MAGA chud douchebags are threatening violence again. These morons have been screaming for a second civil war now for years, crying like little babies every time they lose an election, coming up with ever more ridiculous conspiracy theories, and blaming everyone but themselves as to why they fail so much. I say bring it assholes. 

What really gets me is that these idiots are ready to rip the country apart over Donald Trump, who is quite possibly the most vile, corrupt, and overall selfish human being who's ever been involved in American politics. This is the one man who truly does not give a flying shit about anyone other than himself. His every action is calculated purely for his own gain. He would literally sell each and every one of these red-hat wearing morons out without a second thought, and yet millions of these dupes are ready to destroy their own country to support him. It's truly depressing. 

I always thought that the United States would collapse due to something like a world war or some other grand catastrophe. I didn't know all it would take is one piece of shit reality TV star.

Friday, January 5, 2024

CHUD Morons Claim Aquaman Tanked Because of "Wokeness"


Have you guys seen Aquaman yet? It's not a bad movie, if you liked the first one then you'll like this one. It's got lots of action, good creature effects, giant monsters, great fun. Unfortunately it isn't doing too well, with one of the weakest opening weekends in recent history (a paltry 27$ million, which is even worse than the Marvels.) There could be many reasons why this film didn't do too well - of course if you're a Conservative-CHUD-anti-woke-sigma-red-hat-wearing-alpha-male-patriot-MAGA-idiot-culture-warrior type then the only reason anything ever bombs is because of "wokeness." 

I mean, I think Aquaman bombed because the character of Aquaman isn't that popular, and like 6 different superhero movies were released in 2023 (Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Ant Man 3, The Marvels, Black Adam, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman 2,) and since it costs like twenty bucks a ticket nowadays (let alone all the popcorn, candy, soda and whatever else) most people are choosing to just skip the movies they're only marginally interested in, and who can blame them? But nope - it must obviously be because there's a pro-environmental message to the movie, and plus some girl is in it that MAGA Chuds don't like or whatever. Such baloney. Please join us while we review one of these low-effort "comicgate" videos as it drives hatred through conservative virtue signaling in order to get clicks. Truly the world we live in is broken.

Also, go see Aquaman, it's actually pretty good. 

Friday, August 18, 2023

MAGA CHUDS Venerate Domestic Terrorist Who Threatened President


You know it used to be a criticism that the Republicans and conservatives would lob at the Democrats and progressives that the left wing was "violent." I'm not sure where this criticism came from, but it was a staple in conservative online spaces roughly 15 years ago or so. You'd go to a website or forum or something and there'd be rules of decorum - "no name calling or threats allowed!" "Treat each other with respect!" etc. And it was a standard go-to stereotype among conservatives and christians and such that "leftists" were always rude and devoid of substantive thought, and would instantly revert to name calling, insults, and violence in any given situation. Which was funny because of course these "rules" were typically only enforced against leftists, progressives, liberals, etc.

My how times have changed. Less than a generation later and all pretense of "civility" has gone straight down the toilet. It really is amazing how the character of online conservatives is the complete opposite of what it was just a decade ago.

The case of Craig Robertson is a perfect expaple, a 75 year old man who threatened to assasinate President Biden, and had the tools, training, and equipment to do it. The man seemed to revel in making public threats against Biden, Obama, and many other prominent Democratic public figures - which is illegal. That is to say, it is illegal to threaten anyone, but it's really doubly especially illegal to threaten the President. The Secert Service doesn't just ignore it when some lunatic with a sniper rilfe makes public posts about how he's going to murder the President of the United States.

But it's the conservative reaction to Craig Robertson which really gets me. During the Bush years, in the early days of the web 2.0 days, occasionally a news story would pop up of some insane right-winger making threats, planning a terrorist attack, or going on a mass shooting - and it would get universal condemnation from everyone on the right wing. All of the politicians, pundits, everyone would speak up loudly against it. Not anymore - now the most common reaction from a conservative is to celebrate the violence.

There always was this undercurrent of violence simmering just under the surface of conservative politics, going back as far as I can remember. 7 years of Trumpisim has brought that to a full rolling boil. These people have truly lost their minds to the point where they're defending murderers, criminals, rapits, and traitors. When you start making excuses for why the ex-prresident is allowed to break the law you know the shit is going down soon.

Get out there and vote, Yo. The crazies are just getting crazier every single day, if we don't stop them then no one will.

Monday, June 12, 2023

Hot Take - Trump indicted AGAIN, Nobody Surprised.


You know, it seems like we've been talking about Trump in one way or anther every week (sometimes every day) since 2016. He just refuses to go away. It really blows me away how people can see all the ridiculous criminal shenanigans  this POS gets up to and still want him to have his finger on the nuclear trigger. Anyway Trump has FINALLY been indicted for his thievery of multiple top secret documents (numbering in the hundreds.) Please remember the story broke about him absconding with this top secret material more than a year ago, and they're just now getting around to charging and arresting him. Just another example of how Trump is quite possibly the most privileged person on the face of the Earth at this moment. 

Will he actually go to jail? Who knows. I mean, if it he were a normal person like you or I his ass would've been rotting in Guantanamo five minutes after walking out the door with top secret material, but this is Trump so he gets to get away with literally everything. Then again, if you were to ask me if he would've even been charged with this a year ago I would've speculated no, so maybe there is a god.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

HATE NUBBINS: Trump, Twitter, Tucker, and Wendy's All Suck


HATE NUBBINS! In this video we discuss the following:
  •  Trump loses his defamation case against E. Jean Carroll and has to pay her five million dollars. HA HA HA!
  • Tucker Carlson goes to Twitter. Oh My God Who The Hell Cares.
  • Wendy's is experimenting with A.I. drive thrus, and why that's terrible.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

This Is Why Clarence Thomas Should Be Impeached


Discussing the multiple scandals surrounding Clarence and Ginni Thomas, and how they relate to the repeal of important civil voting rights legislation. This guy has basically been on the grift for years, taking advantage of his position to personally enrich himself at the expense of the American people. It's somehow worse when a government official in a position of authority abuses that power moreso than some other common criminal. We trusted this man to be impartial, to be above the politics and make the correct decisions to guide our country, but his actions have shown anything but. Clarence Thomas has betrayed everything the United States stands for, and he needs to be removed. 

Monday, May 1, 2023

WTF is Sungazing?


    I speak a lot about conservative charlatans and grifters, in particular those who use religion to  rip people off like evangelical Christian televangelists, corporate-style ministries, and the like.  Those people are a huge problem in this country. However it's also worth mentioning that there's an entire industry of new-age grifters and con-artists who prey upon the alternative medicine crowd who can be just as greedy, and sometimes even more dangerous than their TV Preacher counterparts. In this video we discuss the practice of "Sungazing" which is a subset of a group of beliefs called "Inedia," that is a new-age belief derived from traditional Hindu medicine, in which people believe they can live without food or water just by staring at the sun and consuming "prana" (or spiritual energy.) This has lead the to deaths of at least five people since 1999, including most recently a one month year old child. 

    It's important to remember that just like how your conservative uncle can be vulnerable Qannon type conspiracy theories your super cool liberal/progressive aunt who's into power crystals or aroma therapy candles can be vulnerable to these people. Religious grifters know no race, color, or creed, and all they care about is money no matter who they hurt.